Brothers In Arms Foundation Hike

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Hey all!

I can say, easily, that the most surprising aspect of the Rebell community thus far has been the tremendous impact we have been able to make through various charities since we opened up in October of 2011.  Since then we have raised over $20,000 and gathered over 600 lbs. of food for charitable events.  That is astounding when you consider our numbers.  Thank you all for your past efforts and support!  If it all ended today, I would be happy to know that we made a difference in so many lives in such a short period of time.

Fortunately, we are nowhere near an ending.  We gather momentum with each referral, each event and every new face that walks through our doors.  Likewise, our fundraising efforts will continue to prosper and aspire to make a difference in our surrounding community.

With that, I am very excited to announce our next fund raising effort!  On October 19th, 2013 (coincedentally our 2 year anniversary) myself, Ryan, and your fellow student, Nikhil Kumra, will put  35lb packs on our backs and hike 16 1/2 miles in efforts to raise money for the Brothers In Arms Foundation.  This event will be open for anyone who would like to join us in our fundraising efforts.  The weight for women who would like to hike will be 25 lbs.  This will not be easy.  Not at all.  I can guarantee you that the satisfaction you will get when you drop your pack at our destination will wipe away any aches or pains that you may get on the hike.    BrothersINarms

Here is a link to the BIAF website if you would like to find out more about their efforts: BIAF

Regardless of political affiliation or your views on our current or past wars, these young men and women deserve to be treated like the selfless heroes that they are.  It is our duty as civilians who enjoy the freedom their protection provides to put forth our best efforts to make sure that happens.

Here’s how you can help :

  1. Join us on the hike!  We will provide the training, you provide the will to push yourself and have some fun doing it!
  2. Pledge one of our participants.  Every little bit counts towards our end result.  We will seek pledges per mile to motivate our hikers to finish what they started.
  3. Volunteer.  We will be looking for people to donate their time to provide support during the hike.
  4. Spread the word!  The further our reach, the more we can raise.  Nuff said!

Sign up sheets for both volunteers and participants will be posted in Rebell shortly.  If you are not a member of Rebell’s community but still wish to donate or participate, please feel free to contact us directly at 773-687-8750 or through email at

Here is our pledge sheet!

Stand by for more details.

Stay strong,


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